Giorgio Stendoro

Fondatore della Metodologia
di Cura Balbuzie
Stendoro Rocca
Membro Titolare e Didatta del GIREP

Visiting Professor

Renzo Rocca

Member of Society for Personality Assessment U.S.A
Member of International Roschach Society U.S.A.
SOCIETÀ SVIZZERA di Psichiatria Sociale S.S.P.S
Federazione Italiana di Sessuologia Scientifica
Esperto in Diagnostica Psicologica O.P.I
Esperto in Psicopedagogia dell’Età Evolutiva


The Rocca-Stendoro International Center for Psychotherapy is built around the concepts of Renzo Rocca and Giorgio Stendoro. Reaping the fruits of their extensive experience – beginning in the 1970s as psychotherapists, instructors and researchers of the Rêve-Eveillé en Psycanalyse (waking dream) technique in the Groupe International du Rêve-Eveillé en Psycanalyse (GIREP) – in the late 1990s they founded the Imaginative Procedure Methodology – a specialized school for the Imaginative Procedure in Psychotherapy recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (M.I.U.R.) through Ministerial Decree (D.M.) of May 30, 2002. The element that distinguishes the Center is the continuous encounter that occurs between the theoretical study, research, revision and development of the Imaginative Procedure and the actual world of Deep Psychology, with new studies in the neurosciences and related disciplines (anthropology, sociology, mythology, philosophy and art).

Through continuous cultural discussion, the core of the Rocca-Stendoro International Center for Psychotherapy is aimed at preventing the prismatic matrix of the Imaginative Procedure from being lost in the multiplicity of languages used, resulting in superficial eclecticisms. It is from the standpoint of conscious, harmonious comparison, guided by a profound moral sense, that the Rocca-Stendoro International Center for Psychotherapy can offer support to scientific research to meet the private and personal needs of ongoing professional development.

Renzo Rocca and Giorgio Stendoro

Psychotherapists and founders of the Imaginative Procedure in Psychotherapy and the Stendoro-Rocca Treatment Method for Stuttering, full professors at the School of Specialization in the Imaginative Procedure in Psychotherapy.

Having studied Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Pedagogy and Musicology, they are well equipped to acquaint a broad segment of the public with psychological issues of social interest; to this end they participate regularly in seminars, conferences, and national and international television and radio broadcasts.

They are the authors of numerous publications: several hundred popular scientific articles and fifteen books in Italian and one in English. And they edit the Rocca-Stendoro Series of Clinical Psychology (Armando Editore, Rome).

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Cura Balbuzie Stendoro-Rocca

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Centro studi internazionale
procedura immaginativa

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GIREP    Groupe International
du Rêve-Éveillé en Psychanalyse

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